As most managers, recruiters, and sourcers know, as technology continues to advance, hiring for tech roles is becoming increasingly more difficult. Wait, that can’t be right, can it? Let’s try to make sense of it. Technology improves, thus allowing us to become more efficient human beings, be more productive in our jobs, and ultimately live more fulfilled lives. However, as technology improves, more and more opportunities to leverage it arise simultaneously, creating the demand for more specialists to develop this technology.

Schools and bootcamps are doing what they can to take advantage and keep up with demand, but they’re still too far behind. It’s taking too long for hiring companies to find what they need, and are therefore stuck offering the wrong person a position, or worse, holding out so long that they’ve lost their competitive advantage on the product or service they wanted to build. In 2016, it took an average of 42 days to fill a single position. The actual cost to make that hire, on average, was $4,129. The opportunity cost, easily twice that. Hiring simply takes too long, and we can look to solve this problem with a pretty simple concept: if the employers and candidates inherently knew who they’d be the best fits with, candidates wouldn’t need to compare 5 offers before picking one, and employers wouldn’t need to interview 30 candidates before they selected the best. They’d know up front whether or not the fit existed, at which point the interview essentially becomes a formality. What a world that would be – one where people already know what job to take, where employers already know which candidate will be the best fit for their team…

This is not some utopian future. Today is October 10th, 2017, and this is TalentSnap.

TalentSnap’s mission is to improve hiring outcomes, which begins by saving hiring teams time in sourcing, screening and interviewing, and ends by helping candidates select the right jobs and companies. In order to pave the way towards succeeding in this mission, TalentSnap’s FtiScoreTM technology leverages big data in the public and social domains and applies machine learning and artificial intelligence-driven algorithms to determine the level of fit between a candidate and an employer.

No more educated guessing. No more wasted hours interviewing the wrong people. No more missing the perfect candidates during resume screens. Save time, save money, hire better, hire faster. Give TalentSnap a try and you be the judge.


Source: 2016 Human Capital Benchmarking Report, Society for Human Resources Management