Welcome to the first BP sheet. I’ll keep it nice and simple so that incorporating TalentSnap into your daily recruiting stack is easy as pie.

  1. Install the TalentSnap Chrome extension. Duh.
  2. Navigate to your favorite professional social network – LinkedIn.com.*
  3. Sign Up with your company email. This greatly improves our ability to determine candidate fit with your company specifically. Then confirm your email in your inbox.
  4. Navigate to the profile of a desirable candidate – whether via manual sourcing or by opening up the Linkedin profile through your ATS. Makes no difference to us.
  5. Pop open the TS Extension. Enter your preferences based on role, seniority, and skills.
  6. Run FitScore and be amazed! (this is a great place to provide feedback so we can continue to improve our tech to better serve you in your hiring efforts).
  7. If you plan on running the same search for multiple candidates, Save your Filters so you can pick up right where you left off.
  8. If you want to compare candidates from previous searches, use History to see them all, and sort by Filter, by Date, or by FitScore.

TalentSnap’s Chrome Extension will dramatically reduce the recruiter’s sourcing/screening time, ensuring that only the candidates who fit the role/company best will be considered.

We hope your first taste of TalentSnap leaves you wanting even more, because we have a whole suite of tools in development to further enhance the hiring process!



* note: users can leverage TalentSnap in Linkedin’s public domain or in Linkedin Recruiter Lite.