Banks love to give you giving loans when you don’t need them. How many horror stories have you heard of people going to get loans; whether it’s for emergency surgery, to make mortgage payments after they’ve lost their job, or whatever the case may be, only to have the bank reject the loan apllication. Banks don’t like giving you money when they don’t think they can’t get it back easily.

Much like the banks, good talent feel the same way. They sense the desperation and don’t want to join a company looking for their lone savior. Employers need to take building out their talent pipelines more seriously. Consistency is key. You can’t only begin thinking about hiring when your team is overwhelmed with work, or if you’re trying to get out of a rut. This will lead hiring teams to rushing their decisions and settling for the wrong candidate in order to quickly get out of the tough spot they never should’ve been in to begin with.

Instead, a manager must keep a handful of general positions open year round, and consistently interview for them. Whether it’s a Javascript Engineer, an Inbound Marketing Specialist, or a Business Development Rep, keep those postings open so that you are ready to pull the trigger and hire someone, ideally at the moment you recognize the need is truly there. I promise you, only good things will happen. Embracing the growth-mindset culture will put your organization in a great place for long-term success.

By using a tool like the TalentSnap Chrome extension, you’ll be consistently speaking to people who are perfect fits for your company; allowing you to make numerous and impactful hires while dramatically reducing the amount of people you interview! Building a pipeline of qualified talent doesn’t need to be time-consuming or break the bank.

Applying this new strategy, you’ll speak to amazing people, and hire in a timely manner when the need arises. You’ll no longer be forced to settle for mediocre talent when your back’s against the wall.