TalentSnap is Reimagining
the Hiring Process

Applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain for the Complete Disruption of the Hiring Economy.
Pre-ICO Begins in:
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
2,000 Tokens
5,000 Tokens

Why TSC?

TalentSnap is a decentralized hiring ecosystem, whereby employers and candidates can connect directly, eliminate recruitment friction, and focus on fit. TSC acts as a means of exchange between parties, allowing the secure transfer of data and rewarding the supply-side user.

When a candidate receives TSC from an employer, the tokens can be used to acquire new skills, propelling the economy forward.

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Secure Data Transmission

FitScore using ML + AI

P2P Network promotes growth

Access to 300M candidates

What’s FitScore?

FitScore is TalentSnap’s proprietary machine-learning driven technology. It’s main purpose is to determine the level of fitness between a hiring company and a candidate, taking into account as many contributing factors as possible, and always being enhanced. Given TSC, users of TalentSnap will even have the ability to make recommendations on how FitScore can be improved, ultimately crowdsourcing additional intelligence on what determines Fit. By collecting hiring data across all connections made in the TalentSnap ecosystem, FitScore is built to for the situational analysis of each unique hiring process.

Among other things, FitScore looks at the hiring company (size, location, funding, industry, audience, culture), the role (title, required skills, seniority), and of course the candidate (experience, skills, personality, location, likelihood to join) in order to produce a statistically significant rating from 1-100 on how well a candidate fits with an employer in the particular position being filled.

Token Sale

TSC token sale will happen through our website and other potential ICO listings as well.

October 1, 2018 (9:00AM GMT)
Number of tokens for sale
9,000,000 TSC (30%)
November 1, 2018 (11:00AM GMT)
Tokens exchange rate
1 ETH = 655 TSC, 1 BTC = 8500 TSC, 1 USD = 1 TSC
Acceptable currencies
Minimal transaction amount
0.1 ETH/0.05 BTC/100USD

Distribution Of Tokens

Allocation of Funds

  • 40% Personnel
  • 25% Marketing
  • 15% Tech
  • 10% Legal
  • 5% Operations
  • 5% Partnerships

Road Map

July 2017
TalentSnap is born
September 2017
Alpha release
February 2018
Beta release
August 2018
October 2018
February 2019
TSC Chain
August 2019
Candidate Portal
February 2020
TalentSnap API Launch
August 2020
November 2020
TSC Listing on Exchanges
November 2022
TalentSnap AI Singularity
November 2025+
Autonomous Hiring


“The TalentSnap team of experts are poised to lead the charge of the hiring industry disruption. Our team is equipped with over 100 years of combined experience in recruiting, data science, software development, and of course blockchain.”

Frequently Asked Questions

TSC (TalentSnap Coin) is a Utility Token earned and used within the TalentSnap platform.

TalentSnap has built an MVP for employers. You can currently use the MVP Chrome Extension or Dashboard, which are built to showcase the Fit Score technology. The MVP for the candidate side of the platform is still in development, but we’ll make sure to notify you when it’s ready!

To participate in the token sale, make sure to follow us on Telegram as we’ll be providing details with regards to release dates, pricing, and bonuses there. You can also join our Whitelist to be notified of important token sale matters, and even make your TSC pledge.

Initially, you’ll be able to store TSC in your Ethereum Wallet. Within a few weeks of Token Distribution, we will be releasing the TSC Wallet, to be used exclusively for storing TSC and using them in TalentSnap.


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