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TalentSnap is reimagining the hiring process.
We are building zero-knowledge proof Artificial Intelligence Technology on the Blockchain to automate hiring.
Pre-ICO Phase #1 Ends in:
2,000 ETH
Soft Cap
40,000 ETH
Hard Cap
Token Status

1 (60%) Sold

2,000 Tokens
5,000 Tokens

What is TalentSnap?

TalentSnap is building zero-knowledge proof technology that will automate the hiring process. We are doing so by building Artificial Intelligence technology that will work on decentralized, encrypted, and verified data, while giving control and ownership back to the people. Our AI tech is based on our technology called FitScore, which analyzes thousands of indicators to determine perfect fit between candidates and employers. Bringing this technology on the blockchain will automate hiring in a very safe way that is beneficial to everyone involved.

Decentralized and Encrypted Data

FitScore Using AI + ML

Federated Learning and Homomorphic Encryption

Ownership of Personal Information

What’s FitScore?

FitScore is TalentSnap’s rapidly evolving hiring AI that leverages highly sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms with the power to ingest hundreds of millions of unique indicators of candidates and employers. With terabytes of publicly available data to start with, and a roadmap of building decentralized labelled data, TalentSnap is able to generate a score from 1 to 100 on how well candidates and employers fit together. Multi-dimensional algorithms based on skills, culture, experience, in-depth personality variables, and dozens of other critical hiring metrics power this robust innovation.


Token Sale

TSC token sale will happen through our website and other potential ICO listings as well.

October 1, 2018 (9:00AM GMT)
Number of tokens for sale
242,000,000 TSC (60%)
November 30, 2018 (11:00AM GMT)
Token price
1 ETH = 5000 TSC
Acceptable currencies
Minimal transaction amount
0.1 ETH/0.05 BTC/50USD

Distribution Of Tokens

Allocation of Funds

  • 50% Personnel
  • 20% Marketing
  • 12% Tech
  • 9% Legal
  • 5% Partnerships
  • 4% Operations

Road Map

June 2017
TalentSnap is born
December 2017
AI 1.0 MVP is Released
March 2018
TSC is Conceived
September 2018
ICO Begins
December 2018
TSC is Released
March 2019
Processing Utility is Implemented
September 2019
AI 2.0 is Released
March 2020
Homomorphic Encryption
September 2020
Federated Learning Begins
December 2022
TalentSnap becomes Open-Sourced
December 2028
AI reaches Singularity
December 2035
Autonomous Hiring


“The TalentSnap team of experts are poised to lead the charge of the hiring industry disruption. Our team is equipped with over 100 years of combined experience in recruiting, data science, software development, and of course blockchain.”


"The TalentSnap Advisory Board is made up of some of the industry's brightest minds. With experience across the financial, blockchain, and recruitment industries, the thought leadership and networks produced by this team is capable of helping TalentSnap achieve it's mission to disrupt and ultimately automate hiring."

Frequently Asked Questions

TSC (TalentSnap Coin) is a Utility Token earned and used within the TalentSnap platform. TSC tokens enable candidates and employers to utilize the evolving FitScore technology which pairs them with their perfect fit.

TalentSnap uses the Ethereum Blockchain

The token sale will start August 10th, 2018. Before then, please sign up on our Whitelist, which will guarantee your place in line for the Pre-ICO #1 40% Bonus. Once the token sale starts, you will have to complete a standard KYC process via Civic. Once approved, you will be able to log into the Dashboard. Within the dashboard, you will be able to chose how much TSC you would like to purchase, and then you will be able to transfer ETH or BTC to the appropriate wallet address. Once the funds are received (~10-15 min for ETH, 45-60 min for BTC), your TSC amount will show in your dashboard.

For the first 2000 ETH sold between August 10th – August 31st, there will be a 40% bonus for TSC tokens purchased. Between September 1st – September 30th, there will be a 20% bonus for TSC tokens purchased. There will be NO bonus during the Public Crowd Sale (Oct 1st – Nov 30th)

TSC tokens are distributed on the first week of December, 2018, which is immediately following the finish of TalentSnap’s Token Sale.

TalentSnap is using the world’s most trusted KYC/AML provider, Civic. Neither Civic of TalentSnap will store any documentation provided by the investors. This information is used for identity verification purposes only.

Initially, you’ll be able to store TSC in your Ethereum Wallet. Within a few weeks of Token Distribution, we will be releasing the TSC Wallet, to be used exclusively for storing TSC and using them in TalentSnap.

TalentSnap has built an MVP for employers. You can currently use the MVP Dashboard for Employers here. This technology shows the efficacy of TalentSnap’s FitScore. The development for token usage, and portions of the platform for the candidate side is still in development, but we’ll make sure to notify you when it’s ready!


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